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Alert Logic @ AWS Summit London 2019

8th May | London | Stand G13

Powerful AWS Security Monitoring Made Simple

AWS provides the elasticity that your business needs, it is important to address your shared responsibilities by protecting what you deploy on AWS, such as a business-critical web application, against cyber threats and cyber attacks to achieve the right level of security. And, security in AWS is not limited to protecting assets, with misconfigurations such as an incorrect Identity and Access Management (IAM) settings being a common possible security weakness and so requiring constant monitoring.

Alert Logic® SIEMless Threat Management provides complete security visibility and addresses a broad set of security compliance controls. Our Essentials, Professional, and Enterprise offerings work across any platform. We continually innovate our services to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest from AWS and offer unprecedented solutions for AWS and other cloud workloads.

Visit Alert Logic at Stand G13

  • Learn more about what it means to have the right threat coverage for the right resources, and how we can secure your workloads across any environment
  • Deep dive with our experts to learn about our product offerings and the agility and protection they offer including full visibility and visualisation of all assets in your AWS environment
  • Come talk through our container security, the industry’s first network-level container security intrusion detection for AWS-deployed Docker, AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS), AWS-deployed Kubernetes, and Elastic Beanstalk, CoreOS
  • Let us walk you through AWS User Behaviour Anomaly Detection: User behaviour anomaly detection (UBAD) for AWS environments detects and alerts on suspicious activity

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Come and See Alert Logic in Action

Join one of our on-stand sessions as we cover the benefits of AWS Security and Alert Logic, we will tell you gripping stories from our SOC, and show you how to fight against cyber-attacks:

  • This is Security: Stories from the SOC
  • This is Security: Hack Attack
  • This is Security: Security in Action


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