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At conferences like Black Hat and DefCon there is a really high concentration of people who are really good at security. But if you look at Ponemon Institute research, more than three quarters of the alerts that IT Analysts are dealing with are unreliable. That means 8 out of 10 hours are spent reviewing log files, alerts, and network traffic only to say ‘that’s not a problem.’

The right thing to do from economics standpoint, and frankly for IT analysts to avoid burnout, is to focus your time looking for the next type of exploit that could be a real problem and have real financial implications for your company if left unaddressed.

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  • Learn how our experts can extend the value of your team to improve detection and disrupt threats across cloud and hybrid environments.
    We believe time and data are the currency of today.
  • See how we accelerate your ability to respond to evolving threats so you can reduce time spent chasing ghosts and focus on real invaders.
    We’ll alert you within a 15-minute SLA if we see something serious.
  • Discover how our data scientists leverage incident and event information across our 4,000+ customers to inoculate the Alert Logic community from emerging threats.
    We call it the network effect.


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