Alert Logic SOC Tour & Breakfast Briefing
Tuesday, May 21st | 10:00AM – 11:30AM | Houston

In today’s threat landscape, attackers use a wide range of sophisticated methods to infiltrate vulnerable systems. The key to minimizing the impact of an attack is to detect threats early, effectively and over a long period of time. In any threat detection effort, organizations must focus on visibility, assessment of risk, and potential impact to the business. And this is what our security experts do. 

Alert Logic seamlessly connects an award-winning security platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders – to provide the best security and peace of mind for businesses 24/7, regardless of their size or technology environment. 

Join Alert Logic for an invitation-only Security Operations Centre (SOC) tour

Highlights include:

  • The latest observations from the threat landscape from those tasked with monitoring networks
  • Best practices for staying ahead of evolving, elusive attacks to your network
  • Alternative approaches to getting 24/7 dedicated coverage and better security intelligence

Alert Logic SOC Tour & Breakfast
Alert Logic Headquarters
1776 Yorktown Street, Houston, TX 77056  

May 21st | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM