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According to Gartner, "The marketing around MDR is increasingly confusing for buyers. The MDR label is being co-opted by service providers that demonstrate few, if any, of the characteristics defining the MDR market and are more aligned to the MSS market."1

It’s time to eliminate the confusion and bring much needed clarity to the purpose, efficacy, and value of managed detection and response (MDR) as a critical element in organizational security planning.

Watch on-demand now and hear Alert Logic plus a host of industry thought leaders for seven interactive panel discussions, addressing:

  • What defines MDR?
  • Why is MDR evolving as a form of protection?
  • What capabilities and value should you expect from your MDR provider?

Based on The MDR Manifesto – an examination of the critical capabilities necessary to deliver MDR – each webcast will feature one of seven essential tenets of comprehensive MDR.

1 Gartner, "Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services," Toby Bussa, et al., 15 July 2019.